Welcome to FairVote NC!

June 17, 2009

Welcome to FairVote NC!  Currently, we are helping develop the NC voters of the future by guiding legislation (HB 1260) through the General Assembly to permit 16 and 17-year-olds to preregister for voting when they will reach 18 and encouraging civic education on registration and voting in high school. The bill has passed the NC House and is currently making its way through the NC Senate.

The future looks bright for IRV in NC.  In 2008, the NC General Assembly concluded that past experiments with IRV in North Carolina were successful enough to merit extension of the state’s pilot program to allow for more jurisdictions to participate under it. Still, many interested cities missed an opportunity to utilize the program in 2009 with the new procedure for sorting and tallying IRV votes completely by machine developed only a month before municipal deadlines.

With the two IRV successes in Cary and Hendersonville in 2007 (according to a scientific survey conducted by Dr. Michael Cobb at NC State), Hendersonville implementing IRV even in a second subsequent election, and new advances in IRV tabulation, we expect many more localities to participate in 2010 and 2011.

You can get a headstart on next year’s races. Lead a movement for democracy in your hometown by encouraging your local governing body to consider the cost-saving and democracy preserving benefits of IRV. Let’s make 2010 and beyond big years for democracy in North Carolina!

Instant Runoff Voting is also gaining popularity among the next generation of voters – Student Governments at Wake Forest University, North Carolina State University and Duke University have all implemented IRV in SGA elections.

FairVote NC has recently had nearly 5,000 views of our video on national popular vote and we will be continuing our efforts to make a direct popular vote for president a possibility for future elections!

At its national convention, the NAACP passed our proposed national resolution in support of NPV and NPV legislation has passed in a fifth of the needed states.

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We look forward to the exciting new projects we will be pursuing in the upcoming months and we appreciate any and all support! Keep checking back for updates on election reform in North Carolina!